10 Internet Marketing Blogs You Can’t Miss

By | August 10, 2015

The internet has brought us closer to crucial sources of information than we ever were. Looking around, you find thousands of blogs dedicated to various subjects in diverse fields.

The blogosphere is massive, which is why blogs are constantly working to stay afloat and attract more readers than rivals. Some of the most read information online is found on internet marketing blogs, some of which have showcase a rich collection of information fundamental to the success of marketing processes.

In this post, we look at top blogs in areas such as email marketing, search engine optimization and a host of other disciplines.

1. Affilorama


Affiloroma is an affiliate training forum owned and managed by Mark Ling. It has diverse offerings targeting those making forays into affiliate marketing for the first time as well as advanced choices for those who have been in the industry for a while.

As a new member, you are allowed to either join for free or as a subscribed member (upon paying a fee), where you qualify for the packages within your level.

2. Chris Ducker


Ducker’s self-titled blog is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs catapult their small business enterprises into mainstream success models. It acquires this goal by introducing said entrepreneurs to new ways of making decisions and taking advantage existing marketing technologies by use of videos, RSS and podcasts.

3. Analytics Talk


Justin Cutroni is a renowned analytics expert who seeks to exposes businesses to the nature of analytics by means of this blog. The site is dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in analytics, helping businesses to take advantage of data collected in a bid to learn the habits of clients and prospects. Analytics Talk tracks the latest tools in collecting client data and serves up their benefits to readers.

4. Social Triggers


Here, marketers learn how to direct users towards particular landing pages. There is a lot of information regarding what it takes to convert the casual internet surfer into a willing prospect.

The blog goes further to detail the whole process of managing clients so that they can make purchases from certain sites as opposed to others offering the same merchandise.

5. Bronto


Bronto has a team of experts aboard it, and the role of these individuals is to help marketers in understanding the power of emails and social marketing.

Bronto’s strategists try to tailor their advice to diverse situations, depending on the needs of various readers. It shows how social and email are connected. It always throws in a bit of information on using mobile capabilities to manage email marketing.

6. The Content Strategist


On the pages of this blog, you are going to find a truckload of information on what content marketing entails. The site focuses on helping businesses and private individuals to understand the need for the right content protocols. It offers guides on how to make content engaging and how to tailor it for audiences.

7. Monetate Blog

monetate.com blog

If you are looking for some pointers on how to manage and leverage the concept of big data, then this blog would interest you.

It focuses on the use of data to predict market scenarios and ensure marketing consistency, regardless of the product being sold or the niche involved.

8. Entrepreneur on Fire


As a business podcast, EF arranges for interviews with leading business people from all around. It offers an interesting insight into the lives of top entrepreneurs and asks questions about what they differently from everyone else and what they consider the tenets of success. Notable interviewees have included Seth Godin and Barbara Corcoran.

9. Cognitive SEO


This optimization-leaning blog advises users on how they can carry out extensive bench-marking processes in a bid to boost the focus of their business and enhance visibility. The site also offers tips on how one can outrank rivals by use of combative social media strategies.

10. Royal Pingdom


For those looking for technology talks and general internet marketing content, this blog is the perfect destination. It features in-depth conversation about strategies that make internet marketing an aggressive mode of product and service promotion.

Looking for Another Internet Marketing Blog

Internet marketing blogs are quite easy to find, but it does take some digging to find the ones that offer precisely what you are looking for. Whether dedicated to one area or multi-faceted, these blogs are the perfect hubs of information related to marketing.

Whether you are looking for internet business opportunities or just want to browse on the topic just head to Google and search for “internet marketing blog’.

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