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Breaking into affiliate marketing is not difficult but ensuring that you are making the most money from your new business venture can be a challenge for those who are new to it. This sort of business opportunity can be a great boon to your pocketbook, or a waste of time if you do not have the proper support, so choosing a support program is sometimes the best option.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

One of the best affiliate marketing training programs was created by Mark Ling, and he has continued to grow to include multiple levels of support for anyone who wants to make extra money.

His training programs are all inclusive, from basic website set-ups to advanced promotional techniques to support business owners from the beginning of their process.

Affiliate Marketer Since 1999

mark lingMark started investing time into affiliate marketing in 1999 based off a friend’s investment in poster selling strategies at sports tournaments.

At this point in the internet’s design online marketing was not as popular of a strategy as it is now, however; it was highly lucrative so Mark Ling and his friend built a Geocities website designed to sell posters.

While this project was only netting them fifty dollar a week, Mark saw a wonderful opportunity and began to focus in earnest.

Quit His Day Job

At the time, Mark was focused on celebrities and used that knowledge to expand and multiply his profits astronomically, realizing quickly the potential of this approach. He dropped his day job and started a business with some friends, growing at an astronomical rate and quickly becoming an authority in this niche.

Salehoo & Double Dot Media

He began with Salehoo, which quickly grew to over 10,000 members within eight months of being launched in 2005 and now currently serves of 100,000 retailers and eBay sellers. His success grew from there, growing into multiple websites all hosted under a single domain: Double Dot Media. He has been able to teach many of his friends and family how to be their own boss, including his father, and is now able to support his wife and two kids with his yearly seven-figure paycheck.

Mark Ling Products

Mark Ling has continued to expand and now has a host of different products for those who want to be successful at affiliate marketing, such as:


This option includes a premium and a free service, so that those who are just starting out can dip their toes in without fear. Affiloroma Free offers an affiliate marketing quick-start guide, a 38 page downloadable roadmap to success, and 120 video lessons. The premium package includes:

  • Over 500 video lessons
  • Training in strategic stealth affiliate marketing
  • Interviews with affiliate millionaires
  • Boot camp videos using “over the shoulder technology”
  • Thirty high quality articles provided to you each month
  • Free web hosting for up to fifteen domains
  • Fifteen premium software tools


This package provides you with the tools to rank higher in search engines as well as providing a proven niche, website, and marketing funnel. In short, all you have to is choose your domain and purchase it, create your content (aided by Marks cheat sheets for great content), pay a small fee for Aweber auto responder, and promote your site with Marks bonus traffic strategies.


This provides a systematic process of how to build a successful business with video and text training as well as comprehensive homework assignments. This allows you to build your website alongside Mark.

This product is available with a six-day money back guarantee for those who do not find it useful, but this offer is rarely used because most users are thrilled with the results.

Traffic Travis

This service will help you to determine why you have a lower ranking on Google by performing a full SEO health check to uncover technical mistakes as well as help you outrank your competitors and monitor you search engine rankings so you have a clearer picture of where you should focus. It also helps you to find respected link partners and build easier backlinks.

Amazing Self

The Amazing Self Magazine utilizes experts in the main areas of personal development in health/weight loss, relationships, making money, and personal mindset.

They provide a comprehensive guide for users that encompass that blueprints that the Internet’s greatest thinkers used to become successful. Every monthly edition includes magazines on helpful topics as well as CD’s from experts who will help you to achieve the dreams and goals you have been working towards.

He Wants You To Succeed

Mark Ling is a common name among affiliate websites for a reason. He has been involved in online marketing since the beginning, helping to turn it into the Internet powerhouse it is now. It is rare to find someone who builds a process from the ground up who is willing to share their success with others, but Mark is that sort of person. His offerings will help to ensure your success, 100% guaranteed.

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