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The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

Creating a website is vital for business in the digital age, but is a daunting task if you do not know how to start or ensure that new customers see you. Online marketing is a completely different animal than in-person tactics, and must be approached with flexibility, creativity, and business savvy.

There are some basic steps to ensuring that you are marketing yourself well, which include:

Well-Designed Website

well designed websiteThe most powerful marketing tool that you have is the design of your website. If the flow is off or the content is poor, you will never be able to drum up customers or move up Google rankings, while you lose revenue.

You want to ensure that you have a clear call to action on you page, as well as effective and clear content that you update regularly. If you are not able to stay on top of this important step, consider hiring someone to ensure that you meet your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimizationSEO is a phrase that you will hear everywhere because it encapsulates everything you need to do to improve your ranking with differing search engines.

This includes configuration settings that need to be applied to your web page (on page SEO) as well as strategies for use outside of your site (off page SEO).

While many people utilize SEO services to ensure that their ranking is high, you can also try your hand at it yourself. Think of two or three words or phrases that consumers may use when they are searching for products you carry, and then type those into the Google Keyword Tool. This will provide you with some similar results that Internet users have used, which you can then use on your webpage.

If you go this route, do not overdo it. When SEO started to become a popular strategy many businesses forced keywords into their articles and made them unintelligible. This no longer works in Google algorithms and is poor form.

Analyze Your Audience and Competitive Insights

google analyticsOnce you begin to utilize SEO techniques, you should track the way your audience responds to your content with Google Analytics or something similar.

To ensure that you are updating your SEO techniques to respond to algorithms and customer need, you must consistently analyze your data.

Researching the needs of your market audience as well as what information is useful to them will encourage higher levels of traffic as you tap into the consumer flow. Progressive SEO combines traditional marketing with technical and analytical marketing to ensure that the whole package is offered to the customer.

Relevant Titles and Meta-Descriptions

A page title is the largest factor for on-page SEO. For a primary term to rank highly in the search engine algorithm, it usually must be included in the title. While the meta-description will not help your ranking, it can include important keywords and encourage users to click your links.

title meta description

Interlinking Your Pages

interlinking articlesLinking to pages within your website does several things for your ranking.

A search engine spider will follow every link they find, so a website with multiple pages of internal links SEO content will be cached and updated (which increased your rating).

These internal links also encourage clients to stay on your page for longer as they read your articles.

Utilize Social Media

affilojetpack social mediaUsing social media could not be emphasized more for new marketers. Social media such as Facebook (Facebook – Affilojetpack Bonus), Twitter (Twitter – Affilojetpack) blogs, articles, etc. help you rank higher and can be used to link back to your website. Not only that, but your content has a better chance of going viral and attracting new customers the more linked in to social media you are.

You need to ensure that you are using social media regularly though (perhaps with automated posts regarding relevant content), responding to your comments and addressing any concerns. Infographics are a wonderful tool to use on social media, as they are easy to follow and easy to embed on multiple platforms.

Load Time

page load timeNot only is a slow load time liable to lose you customers who are not interested in waiting for your site to come up, it also brings you down in Google rankings when you have a slow upload time.

If your site is lagging, you should clear some unneeded back-end data (based on audience analyzation) to fix this problem.

While there is a lot of moving parts that must be taken into account to ensure that you are getting the traffic and revenue that you seek, if you take these steps one by one, you will succeed.

If you find that this process is too difficult, there are innumerable services that will bolster your website for you while you focus on providing the services that you are an expert in.

9 Great Affiliate Programs For Internet Marketers

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online. For bloggers worldwide, this is the activity and strategy of choice to make a living earning online. Here is a list of top 8 best affiliate programs for 2015:

1. CJ (Formally Commission Junction)

commission junction is considered to one of the largest affiliate marketing network online. Almost every major retailer have CJ affiliate programs, which makes them as close to a one-stop-shop as you get into affiliate marketing business. With such a wide range of vendors on the CJ Affiliate network it makes it very easy to compare and segment different offers. It’s also easy to find the affiliate tracking code to place on your website.

The platform has over 3000 advertising partners. They offer a net 20 payout term which means that you will get your commission paid-out in a timely manner every month.

2. Amazon Associates

amazon associates

To some extent, Amazon Associates has the most huge affiliate programs of them all, containing products from over 1.6 million merchants, as well as thousands of affiliates. Amazon’s affiliate program strategy is the most user-friendly and easy to understand, which makes it perfect for non-tech business minded individuals.

Amazon also provides advanced features like APIs for sophisticated marketers. The good news about this network is that anything from kid’s toys to big machines can generate sales if they’re bought through any Amazon affiliate link.

The major disadvantage of this network is the commission structure. Their commissions start-out as low as 4-percent for smaller affiliates marketers, but they can be as high as 25-percent for high traffic affiliates.

3. Clickbank


Clickbank is a well-known affiliate network that features digital products, such as software, e-books, and membership sites. With its 12,000 merchants and 100,000 affiliates, coupled with a commendable history of timely payment, it’s a strong competitor for the top affiliate program. clickbank offers higher commission rates. A good number of products sold via ClickBank are digital in nature, which means they have a high commission rate when compared to other marketplaces. You will be able to make between 50% and 75% for every sale. They also provide timely payment.

4. ShareASale


ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks. The platform has about 4,000 vendors listed, of which over 1,000 of these vendors are exclusive to them. ShareASale records a great amount of data on each offer that they run; these include reversal rates, earnings per click, average commission and average sale amount. Even though these figures aren’t express guarantees of what you will get paid, they will certainly give you a helpful image of your campaign’s attractiveness.

5. Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare)

Rakuten Affiliate Network linkshare

LinkShare is believed to be one of the oldest affiliate networks; it’s now a bit smaller than some of the largest players such as CJ Affiliate.

There’re a few unique features that differentiate this network from the rest. For instance, they have the power to rotate automatically through the several banners for an item which is a great advantage when trying to optimize your offers. The platform also has a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to “deep linking” to certain vendors landing pages, which results into greater customization potential for your campaign.


never blue is a well-known affiliate marketing network that has grown and established its reputation of delivering personal services and provide quality offer to keep its affiliate relevant. Its diversity of offers and competitive payouts has ensured its popularity among affiliates.

7. JVzoo


JVzoo is fairly new in affiliate industry but this hasn’t stopped it from gaining popularity among affiliate marketers and its success is mainly attributed to the fact that it pays affiliate commissions straight to one’s PayPal account. This makes it stand out among other affiliate networks that pay commissions on a monthly or weekly basis.

9. Affilorama Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

Affilorama by Mark Ling is his affiliate network where you can earn %50 commissions on any of his information products. If you are looking for solid “make money online” products to promote to your list you should check out any of Mark Ling products.

mark ling internet marketer affiliate network

The Bottom Line

The safest way to decide which affiliate program is best for you is to try several of them concurrently: there is no rule to disprove the usage of several affiliate marketing networks at the same time, and it’s even advisable by professionals for maximizing your returns.

Internet Business Opportunities That Make Money

One of the easiest and quickest ways to start your own business is to do so online. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars finding the ideal brick and mortar location, you can get your online business up and running within a short time and at a fraction of the cost.

You only require hosting and a domain, alongside some basic skills and your online business ideas can become a reality. Below are 10 great internet business opportunities to help you get started.

1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketingLearning how to earn money online as an affiliate is not easy.

However, the beautiful thing about it is once you set it up correctly, you leave it alone to bring in the money.

It is the ultimate passive earner and many people from all around the world are making more than $1000000 a year doing it. Affiliate stores are web-stores where people buy items on websites, but through third parties.

There are many lucrative affiliate marketing programs on the Internet. Affiliate marketers can in some cases earn as much as 75% commission on the items they sell. You should also find a high quality internet marketing blog or two to follow to stay on top of the latest and greatest.

To ensure your financial success in affiliate marketing you need to build multiple websites and focus on the product niches that you are interested in. One of the easiest and greatest ways to improve your chances of success is by learning affiliate marketing through the suite of training products that are offered by Mark Ling.

2. Start an ecommerce store

ecommerce online storeThese days you can get a fully functional and easy to use e-commerce store design at a cheap price.

You will also need web hosting and a domain. Of course, how much money you make for your success depends on the effectiveness of your marketing methods, which might include, PPC (pay-per-click), SEO (search engine optimization), print media, event sponsorship and networking.

3. Earn Cash From Blogging

earn cash from bloggingStarting a blog is one of the great ways to earn money online while still doing something that you enjoy.

You do not require extensive technical skills to start your own blog. However it is important that you have expertise in the field you’re writing on. This will attract visitors to your website.

How much you could make depends on several factors, which include how often you blog, how competitive your topic is, the quality of your content, and how effective you’re at generating traffic and building an audience.

By building a large following, you will be able to earn profit by, selling banner advertisements, offering member areas or premium services, AdSense and affiliating to sites such as Amazon and eBay.

4. Sell on eBay

make money ebaySelling on eBay successfully isn’t easy. Competition is fierce due to the low barriers to entry.

As a result the profit margins can be quite slim. If you want to succeed on eBay, you must find some form of competitive advantage through how you create listings, your supply chain, or a means of increasing your sales volume. You should also target a niche where the competition is low and profit margins are high.

5. Train and mentor

mentor othersYou may have a specific skill set that you are good. You can make begin earning money for your success by teaching this skill set online.

There are many skills that can be taught online, examples of such skills include, teaching a language, offering marketing training and teaching writing skills. You may have to offer a free service with limited features at first and then charge for upgrades later, in order for you to make money for your success.

6. Drop Shipping

dropshippingThis is similar to affiliate marketing. You will act as the mediator and you will not touch the product you are selling.

The difference between affiliate marketing and drop shipping is that the sale done through drop shipping websites is not completely managed.

You may have to create systems to make a purchase automatically with the drop shipping companies, in order for the product you are selling to be sent directly to the consumer.

Some of the important skills you should have to succeed in drop shipping include, web marketing, sales copy writing and list building.


Not only does Mark Ling make money online through affiliate marketing and teaching others his internet marketing strategies. He also has a wholesale company by the name of Salehoo, which includes drop shipping.

7. Paid blogging

income from bloggingWith more than 1 billion sites on the internet, there’s a high demand for content.

If you have skills or experience relating to writing, providing a blog posting service is one of the great ways you can easily earn money online.

Lower paid projects may start at around £ 1 per 100 words, with the quality focused projects being in the £2.50 – £10 per 100 words range. Websites such as Elance and PeoplePerHour are great for picking up writing gigs, without actually having your own website.

8. Become A Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobsThis is a great online business if you want to maintain your flexibility.

You will be able to have multiple clients at once, this means that you can easily fill the gaps in your week or work overtime when required.

You will be assisting with tasks such as product listings, blogger outreach, responding to emails and research. Some of the important skills you should have to become a successful drop shipper include organization, customer service and social networking.

9. Offer web design

website graphic design
Nearly all companies nowadays must have a website so that they can be able to reach more customers and be able to offer their products and services effectively.

You can learn web design by joining a training course and then you can start making money for your success with practically no investment.

10. Deal in domains

Domains are the real estate of the internet and just like real estate they can be considered as an investment. You can purchase domains at their registration prices or even cheaper and then trade them at a profit.

Nevertheless, you should always research on websites such as,, or any other domain auction websites so that you can get an estimate of the hottest selling names. You can also find good domains on the terminated domain lists that contain a number of expired names that are back in the pool.

Internet Business Opportunities Are Everywhere

It doesn’t take much research to learn that there are internet business opportunities everywhere. The possibility are almost limitless and the internet is the entrepreneurs dream.

10 Internet Marketing Blogs You Can’t Miss

The internet has brought us closer to crucial sources of information than we ever were. Looking around, you find thousands of blogs dedicated to various subjects in diverse fields.

The blogosphere is massive, which is why blogs are constantly working to stay afloat and attract more readers than rivals. Some of the most read information online is found on internet marketing blogs, some of which have showcase a rich collection of information fundamental to the success of marketing processes.

In this post, we look at top blogs in areas such as email marketing, search engine optimization and a host of other disciplines.

1. Affilorama

Affiloroma is an affiliate training forum owned and managed by Mark Ling. It has diverse offerings targeting those making forays into affiliate marketing for the first time as well as advanced choices for those who have been in the industry for a while.

As a new member, you are allowed to either join for free or as a subscribed member (upon paying a fee), where you qualify for the packages within your level.

2. Chris Ducker

Ducker’s self-titled blog is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs catapult their small business enterprises into mainstream success models. It acquires this goal by introducing said entrepreneurs to new ways of making decisions and taking advantage existing marketing technologies by use of videos, RSS and podcasts.

3. Analytics Talk

Justin Cutroni is a renowned analytics expert who seeks to exposes businesses to the nature of analytics by means of this blog. The site is dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in analytics, helping businesses to take advantage of data collected in a bid to learn the habits of clients and prospects. Analytics Talk tracks the latest tools in collecting client data and serves up their benefits to readers.

4. Social Triggers

Here, marketers learn how to direct users towards particular landing pages. There is a lot of information regarding what it takes to convert the casual internet surfer into a willing prospect.

The blog goes further to detail the whole process of managing clients so that they can make purchases from certain sites as opposed to others offering the same merchandise.

5. Bronto

Bronto has a team of experts aboard it, and the role of these individuals is to help marketers in understanding the power of emails and social marketing.

Bronto’s strategists try to tailor their advice to diverse situations, depending on the needs of various readers. It shows how social and email are connected. It always throws in a bit of information on using mobile capabilities to manage email marketing.

6. The Content Strategist

On the pages of this blog, you are going to find a truckload of information on what content marketing entails. The site focuses on helping businesses and private individuals to understand the need for the right content protocols. It offers guides on how to make content engaging and how to tailor it for audiences.

7. Monetate Blog blog

If you are looking for some pointers on how to manage and leverage the concept of big data, then this blog would interest you.

It focuses on the use of data to predict market scenarios and ensure marketing consistency, regardless of the product being sold or the niche involved.

8. Entrepreneur on Fire

As a business podcast, EF arranges for interviews with leading business people from all around. It offers an interesting insight into the lives of top entrepreneurs and asks questions about what they differently from everyone else and what they consider the tenets of success. Notable interviewees have included Seth Godin and Barbara Corcoran.

9. Cognitive SEO

This optimization-leaning blog advises users on how they can carry out extensive bench-marking processes in a bid to boost the focus of their business and enhance visibility. The site also offers tips on how one can outrank rivals by use of combative social media strategies.

10. Royal Pingdom

For those looking for technology talks and general internet marketing content, this blog is the perfect destination. It features in-depth conversation about strategies that make internet marketing an aggressive mode of product and service promotion.

Looking for Another Internet Marketing Blog

Internet marketing blogs are quite easy to find, but it does take some digging to find the ones that offer precisely what you are looking for. Whether dedicated to one area or multi-faceted, these blogs are the perfect hubs of information related to marketing.

Whether you are looking for internet business opportunities or just want to browse on the topic just head to Google and search for “internet marketing blog’.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds like – optimizing your website for maximum visibility and coverage on major search engines, most commonly Google.

It is important because search engines can provide tens of thousands, even millions of visitors to your website each and every day with no costs involved other than optimizing your website in the first place.

So now that you know what SEO is and why it is important we will go over the different factors effects SEO.

On Page Factors

on page seoThere are lots of things you can do on your own website to optimize your website for the search engines, as search engines have complex algorithms that detect how well laid out and formatted your website is, and will rank your site lower than sites that are properly laid out and well formatted.

Things search engines look for on a well formatted website are proper Meta tags, making your website easy to navigate and using the proper headings and subheading on your articles and pages.

Importance of Keywords

search engine optimization keywordsYou can also increase your SEO by making use of keywords, this works because the search engines search your website for words or phrases that pop up commonly, and then make it easier for people using their search engine to find you website if they search for that word or phrase that is commonly used on your website.

However, try not to overdo it, as the search engines can detect when a phrase is being used too much. Also, use long-tailed keywords, as there is less competition when it comes to ranking.

Off Page Factors

off page seoYou can only do so much for your SEO on your own website, so once you have properly optimized your own site you should turn to off page factors. The most common way to get your website to rank higher on search engines is to get your website linked on other websites, the bigger and more popular the website the stronger the link.

However, you shouldn’t just spam low quality, unpopular and unrelated blogs for your links, as this can actually harm your ranking on Google, instead you should look for related websites that are somewhat popular and do not have many links to other websites already.

Getting Back Links

backlinks to rankIf you find a website like this, try asking the owner if they want some free content in exchange for posting your link at the end of the article.

Be careful to make sure that the anchor text for your links is relevant to your website, and is a phrase that you want to be ranked on Google for.

SEO Tips

seo tipsThese are just some SEO tips that don’t really fit in anywhere else. You should be careful not to overdo your SEO all at once, as bombarding Google with all of these new articles and links at once can get sub optimal results, instead you should space it out over a course of months of maximum effect.

You should also try to release a steady stream of new content to your site, as well as building back links, as this way Google will know that your site is active and will rank you higher.

WordPress SEO Plugins

wordpress seo pluginsThere are lots of high quality WordPress SEO plugins available for free, all of which can help you to speed up the task of optimizing your website for the search engines. They won’t magically get you to that coveted number one spot overnight.

They will however, be able to help with tasks that might otherwise be tedious and tiresome, such as easily changing the Meta tags of your website, one such plugin that helps you to perform such tasks is Yoast SEO, which even provides features such as content analysis.

How to improve at SEO?

search engine optimization strategiesMaking a living on the internet can a tough job with so much competition out there. It can be very complicated at the same time with highly complicated topics such as SEO needing to be navigated in order to boost your online income.

If you want to stop endlessly searching for articles and information on the Internet and want a one-stop resource to help you know what to do with your websites, then you should check out Affilojetpack.

This program offers lots of resources that will save you so much time and money and really help you to excel not only at SEO but also with growing your entire online business.

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Making Money With Email Marketing

In a perfect world your site would be ranked number one in all the search engines for a ton of keywords driving traffic to your site like rush hour traffic. Unfortunately this isn’t the reality for everyone but this doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic or affiliate commissions.

What is Email Marketing?

A fantastic way to get visitors to your site or your affiliate links is through email marketing. Using click-worthy opt-ins, offering free reports, and so on you can get people to give you their email address and be put on your email list.

As you accumulate email addresses you build your list and if you haven’t already heard, “the money is in the list!”

Then you can email or use an autoresponder to send a mass email to a ton of people, giving them:

  • what is email marketingValuable Information
  • Discounts on your affiliate products
  • E-books or reports
  • Invitations to webinars
  • Links to your website
  • And more!

Why Build Your List?

The first and foremost advantage of using email marketing is that you don’t have to rely on search engines and SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website to make money online. Email marketing is a relatively less time consuming process and it is easier to convert customers and ensure repeat sales.

Benefits of Email Marketing

This method is less expensive compared to other forms of marketing, helps to increase brand awareness, builds trust with your audience, enables you to target your lists, and is relatively easy to share and track. It is a push button source of traffic and provides the best return on your investment.

What is an Email Autoresponder Software?

An autoresponder is an online marketing tool that provides customizable opt-in forms, email templates, and allows you to set up automated emails to send to your lists.

email autoresponder softwareIt takes the information provided by your visitors when they sign up, so each email is personalized to the members of your list as if you were sending them a personal email.

It also gives you information on who opened your email, how many times, and if they clicked through to your link.

You can set up who you want the emails to go to, the time you want them sent out, and depending on the service you pick there are so many different features to choose from.

This software saves you a significant amount of time, gives you a ton of data, allows you to target your marketing, and if done properly helps build your list and authority in your brand.

Best Email Marketing Software

When it comes to buying email-marketing software, everyone’s preferences differ. Some of the factors you will want to consider include the features available, number of subscribers, and the cost per month.

The leaders that offer great features are Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp and Fluttermail. Many offer free trials so take advantage of this and play around with the tools to see which is best for you.

  • best email autoresponder softwareAweber: With a delivery rate of 99.4 percent Aweber is at the #1 spot. Their monthly fee starts from $19 for up to 500 subscribers.
  • GetResponse: With a delivery rate of 94 percent and a monthly fee of $15 for up to 1000 subscribers is the next best email marketing software as of now.
  • Mailchimp: This software allows you to send up to 12,000 mails for free every month, if you have less than 2000 subscribers.
  • Fluttermail: Charges a fee of $17 for up to 1000 subscribers.

Why Content Matters

If you send out junk emails, you’re going to lose subscribers fast. Often, the biggest challenge email marketers face is creating high quality content for their emails.

affilojetpack 2.0 mark lingMark Ling’s AffiloJetpack 2.0 can be of great help in this regard. Beyond the great info on email marketing in the course to really help build your list, it provides you with e-books in a ton of niches to give away in your opt-in to get people to sign up for your list.

Not only that but you get more than 75 well-crafted emails and 20 high quality hard sell emails that are designed to convert, which is really great for your affiliate sales. You also get guidelines to help you write quality content to keep readers on your page or reading your email and clicking through to your links. Affiliate marketing has never been easier to get started.

Email Marketing Tips

email marketing tipsMost newbies to this type of marketing are afraid to email their list. Don’t be! If you do not send mails, you will never have a business.

The leads you generate are the hottest at the time of signing up and for a few days afterwards. So get emailing but make sure it’s quality content.

Something else that’s important is that you should not sell your products or services every time you email your list. Provide value to your email subscribers, build trust and engage in a mutually beneficial relationship. Only then will they will buy your product or service in the future.

Keep testing the effect of the actions you take. Based on the results you achieve, tweak your strategies by sending emails at different times of the day, varying the subject lines and providing useful content. Finally, send an email only if you have something to communicate.

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5 Ways to Make Money Online With Your Website

This article will go over 5 ways to make money online with your website but keep in mind that there are many more options out there too. You can pretty much make money online doing what you want and hopefully love.

1. Affiliate Promotion

amazon ebay affiliateA blog of high quality will eventually attract followers interested in the blog’s niche area who respect your opinion on matters in your niche, and will listen to you and trust you.

If you want to monetize a blog like this which you have undoubt been working on for a long time to develop, then one of the highest paying monetization methods can be to promote affiliates.

The affiliate marketing way of monetization can be very successful, as affiliate originations such as amazon and ClickBank pay a significant percentage on every sale that you generate, making it a methods worth considering. Also, if you deploy affiliate links on your highly targeted and trusting readers, you will have very high conversion rates. However, make sure to use products that are high quality, and that you know your readers will benefit from purchasing.

2. Google AdSense

google adsenseThis is another good way to make money with your blog, and requires significantly less research and time than affiliate promotion does. Google AdSense is the highest paying ad network currently available, and is completely free to sign up for and to put adverts on your website with.

People who blog on lots of different topics may find Google AdSense especially useful for monetization purposes, as AdSense will automatically detect what adverts are most appropriate to serve on any particular page, however the amount of money you earn with AdSense largely depends on what niche you are in, as some niches can earn upwards of $5 a click, whereas some can struggle to even get $0.01 per click.

3. Write Product Reviews

write product reviewsEveryone buys products online from websites such as Amazon or eBay, and everyone researches what the product is like not only on these websites, however a lot of people also look on blogs to see what a product is like.

If your blog is already built up and well respected in a niche such as gaming, then it will be easy to incorporate reviews of products similar to your niche, for example gaming mice and keyboards. You can easily monetize these reviews by leaving an affiliate link to the associated amazon product and putting AdSense ads on the page as well, making this way of making more money from your blog a very good one that you should consider implementing.

4. Build an Email Marketing List

email marketing listBuilding an email list with the help of your blog can be a very good long term money maker, because even if people stop visiting your website they will still receive emails from you. You can easily build your email marketing list with a service like Aweber and by offering a piece of free information or a free piece of software in exchange for them signing up to your list.

Once you have built an email list using your blog, it is easy to monetize, and you can monetize it in several different ways, the easiest and most commonly used being offering affiliate offers to your subscribers, at the same time as providing them high quality information on a regular basis, so that they won’t unsubscribe from your list.

5. Sell Your Blog

sell your blogMaybe you have spent years and years of your life building up a high quality, high traffic blog that attracts people from all over the world is one of the highest regarded authorities in its niche. Maybe it is time to sell that blog.

Before you completely disregard the idea of selling your blog that has taking you so much time to build up to where it is today, consider this. Yes, if you keep your blog you will keep on making money from methods such as AdSense of affiliate promotion, however you will also keep on having to maintain the site and keep it up to date, which can be very time consuming.

Instead, you can sell it to someone for thousands of dollars, maybe even more, and take your skills that you have acquired by building up your blog and use them to make another and sell that one on as well. There are many people in this world that make a full time living by doing this, and there is no reason you can’t be one of them. Sites like Flippa are very popular and make it very easy to flip websites.

Looking For A Make Money Online Shortcut?

affilojetpack shortcutI don’t believe in the push button millions software offers out there but if you are looking for something pretty close you should check out this Affilojetpack 2.0 review. Affilojetpack is the perfect website solution for both newbie and advanced marketers alike.

It basically gives you everything you need to build a website, set up an auto responder and start making money in almost any niche you want. It also comes with content cheat sheets so that you don’t have to get stuck not knowing what you write about.

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7 Reasons You Should Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an amazing and easy way to make money on the Internet with little to no start-up costs. It is a way of generating sales for other businesses through your own website and online network and collecting a part of the sale as your commission.

If you’re looking for an easy and hassle free way to make money online, this is it. Here are seven reasons you should get into affiliate marketing.

1. A Business with No Inventory, Office, or Start Up Costs

laptop outsideThe great thing about an online business is there is zero need to find retail or office space. You also don’t need to stock inventory, worry about shipping goods, or investing and risking a ton of money to start your business.

You simply direct people (also known as traffic) through your site to purchase goods or services from another business you have chosen to be an affiliate for and collect on the sales.

2. There is No Need for Staff

one man internet businessOne of the most stressful parts of owning your own business is having to manage your staff, scheduling, and payroll. With this type of work, you really don’t need any staff. You are simply working only for yourself.

No office drama or politics, no splitting the profits, no benefits being paid out, or worrying about everyone else getting their work done. Just you working how and when you want from wherever you want to work.

As you expand and your business flourishes, you may want to hire staff or outsource some of your work online (writing, graphics, IT, web development, virtual assistants, etc.) to free up your own time or take on new projects but of course you don’t have to. You can do it all yourself.

3. You don’t Need your Own Product!

online business no inventoryThis is the second biggest obstacle that people considering creating their own business encounter; what will I sell? Here, you are really selling yourself and your authority to convince your audience that the product you are directing them to is the best on the market.

No need to stock up on a product or make your own. If you’re not happy with sales you can simply switch to a new affiliate product. No money lost and no junk pile in your house to get rid of.

4. No Expert Knowledge Needed

no expertise toddler workingYou don’t have to be an expert or have any specialty training on the topic you’re selling to be an affiliate. The people creating the products have already put in the research, time, investment, expertise, and hard work.

All you have to do is promote their products for them and there are so many different topics (also called niches) to choose from.

5. Earn a Passive Income

earn a passive incomeOnce you have built your affiliate site, developed some trust with your audience, and started building your email list, you should be able to earn a decent income for the months or even years to come.

Many products are monthly or yearly subscriptions so you will continue to make money from them as long as they’re still a member.

One of the highest rated programs to teach affiliate marketing is Affiliojetpack, a service that helps you to pick a niche, build a site, directs your content, gives you emails, connects you with other affiliates, and really walks you through this whole process.

6. Work from Home and Make your Own Hours

make money from home pyjamasWorking from home in you pyjama’s is the goal of many adults, and you will be able to live the dream. Alternatively, your website can offer you freedom, working for you while you are out living your life or traveling and not worrying about it. You get to decide how much you want to work and when.

Much of that depends on your personal goals, and how much you want to make. Some people work at this full time for the first few months and live off their profits. Others use this as a part-time job, and still others dabble for extra cash. Whatever your situation, there is a product for you.

7. Opportunity to Meet and Work with People Globally

meet affiliates globallyAnother awesome bonus from being an affiliate is that you will have subscribers from all over the world, offering you unique insight into different cultures.

I can’t believe the people I’ve connected with through outsourcing, networking, selling for, and products I’ve bought myself.

Many affiliates have support and networking groups, with mentors that you can join for free to ensure that you are getting all the up-to-date tips. Sometimes the product that you are endorsing will offer incentives that include travel to national conferences for top sales. This is similar to reaching sales goals, but without anyone to be responsible to except yourself.

Choosing to be an affiliate is both an adventure and a solid investment in ongoing revenue. You can choose a product or multiple products that you personally believe in and offer it to people who will genuinely benefit from it.

Whether you decide to start your business by yourself, or choose to use a service such as Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack 2.0 to kickstart your affiliate commissions, once you are up and running you will be very pleased with the profits you will continue to make.

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