Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

By | August 9, 2015

search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds like – optimizing your website for maximum visibility and coverage on major search engines, most commonly Google.

It is important because search engines can provide tens of thousands, even millions of visitors to your website each and every day with no costs involved other than optimizing your website in the first place.

So now that you know what SEO is and why it is important we will go over the different factors effects SEO.

On Page Factors

on page seoThere are lots of things you can do on your own website to optimize your website for the search engines, as search engines have complex algorithms that detect how well laid out and formatted your website is, and will rank your site lower than sites that are properly laid out and well formatted.

Things search engines look for on a well formatted website are proper Meta tags, making your website easy to navigate and using the proper headings and subheading on your articles and pages.

Importance of Keywords

search engine optimization keywordsYou can also increase your SEO by making use of keywords, this works because the search engines search your website for words or phrases that pop up commonly, and then make it easier for people using their search engine to find you website if they search for that word or phrase that is commonly used on your website.

However, try not to overdo it, as the search engines can detect when a phrase is being used too much. Also, use long-tailed keywords, as there is less competition when it comes to ranking.

Off Page Factors

off page seoYou can only do so much for your SEO on your own website, so once you have properly optimized your own site you should turn to off page factors. The most common way to get your website to rank higher on search engines is to get your website linked on other websites, the bigger and more popular the website the stronger the link.

However, you shouldn’t just spam low quality, unpopular and unrelated blogs for your links, as this can actually harm your ranking on Google, instead you should look for related websites that are somewhat popular and do not have many links to other websites already.

Getting Back Links

backlinks to rankIf you find a website like this, try asking the owner if they want some free content in exchange for posting your link at the end of the article.

Be careful to make sure that the anchor text for your links is relevant to your website, and is a phrase that you want to be ranked on Google for.

SEO Tips

seo tipsThese are just some SEO tips that don’t really fit in anywhere else. You should be careful not to overdo your SEO all at once, as bombarding Google with all of these new articles and links at once can get sub optimal results, instead you should space it out over a course of months of maximum effect.

You should also try to release a steady stream of new content to your site, as well as building back links, as this way Google will know that your site is active and will rank you higher.

WordPress SEO Plugins

wordpress seo pluginsThere are lots of high quality WordPress SEO plugins available for free, all of which can help you to speed up the task of optimizing your website for the search engines. They won’t magically get you to that coveted number one spot overnight.

They will however, be able to help with tasks that might otherwise be tedious and tiresome, such as easily changing the Meta tags of your website, one such plugin that helps you to perform such tasks is Yoast SEO, which even provides features such as content analysis.

How to improve at SEO?

search engine optimization strategiesMaking a living on the internet can a tough job with so much competition out there. It can be very complicated at the same time with highly complicated topics such as SEO needing to be navigated in order to boost your online income.

If you want to stop endlessly searching for articles and information on the Internet and want a one-stop resource to help you know what to do with your websites, then you should check out Affilojetpack.

This program offers lots of resources that will save you so much time and money and really help you to excel not only at SEO but also with growing your entire online business.

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