7 Reasons You Should Get Into Affiliate Marketing

By | August 8, 2015

Affiliate marketing is an amazing and easy way to make money on the Internet with little to no start-up costs. It is a way of generating sales for other businesses through your own website and online network and collecting a part of the sale as your commission.

If you’re looking for an easy and hassle free way to make money online, this is it. Here are seven reasons you should get into affiliate marketing.

1. A Business with No Inventory, Office, or Start Up Costs

laptop outsideThe great thing about an online business is there is zero need to find retail or office space. You also don’t need to stock inventory, worry about shipping goods, or investing and risking a ton of money to start your business.

You simply direct people (also known as traffic) through your site to purchase goods or services from another business you have chosen to be an affiliate for and collect on the sales.

2. There is No Need for Staff

one man internet businessOne of the most stressful parts of owning your own business is having to manage your staff, scheduling, and payroll. With this type of work, you really don’t need any staff. You are simply working only for yourself.

No office drama or politics, no splitting the profits, no benefits being paid out, or worrying about everyone else getting their work done. Just you working how and when you want from wherever you want to work.

As you expand and your business flourishes, you may want to hire staff or outsource some of your work online (writing, graphics, IT, web development, virtual assistants, etc.) to free up your own time or take on new projects but of course you don’t have to. You can do it all yourself.

3. You don’t Need your Own Product!

online business no inventoryThis is the second biggest obstacle that people considering creating their own business encounter; what will I sell? Here, you are really selling yourself and your authority to convince your audience that the product you are directing them to is the best on the market.

No need to stock up on a product or make your own. If you’re not happy with sales you can simply switch to a new affiliate product. No money lost and no junk pile in your house to get rid of.

4. No Expert Knowledge Needed

no expertise toddler workingYou don’t have to be an expert or have any specialty training on the topic you’re selling to be an affiliate. The people creating the products have already put in the research, time, investment, expertise, and hard work.

All you have to do is promote their products for them and there are so many different topics (also called niches) to choose from.

5. Earn a Passive Income

earn a passive incomeOnce you have built your affiliate site, developed some trust with your audience, and started building your email list, you should be able to earn a decent income for the months or even years to come.

Many products are monthly or yearly subscriptions so you will continue to make money from them as long as they’re still a member.

One of the highest rated programs to teach affiliate marketing is Affiliojetpack, a service that helps you to pick a niche, build a site, directs your content, gives you emails, connects you with other affiliates, and really walks you through this whole process.

6. Work from Home and Make your Own Hours

make money from home pyjamasWorking from home in you pyjama’s is the goal of many adults, and you will be able to live the dream. Alternatively, your website can offer you freedom, working for you while you are out living your life or traveling and not worrying about it. You get to decide how much you want to work and when.

Much of that depends on your personal goals, and how much you want to make. Some people work at this full time for the first few months and live off their profits. Others use this as a part-time job, and still others dabble for extra cash. Whatever your situation, there is a product for you.

7. Opportunity to Meet and Work with People Globally

meet affiliates globallyAnother awesome bonus from being an affiliate is that you will have subscribers from all over the world, offering you unique insight into different cultures.

I can’t believe the people I’ve connected with through outsourcing, networking, selling for, and products I’ve bought myself.

Many affiliates have support and networking groups, with mentors that you can join for free to ensure that you are getting all the up-to-date tips. Sometimes the product that you are endorsing will offer incentives that include travel to national conferences for top sales. This is similar to reaching sales goals, but without anyone to be responsible to except yourself.

Choosing to be an affiliate is both an adventure and a solid investment in ongoing revenue. You can choose a product or multiple products that you personally believe in and offer it to people who will genuinely benefit from it.

Whether you decide to start your business by yourself, or choose to use a service such as Mark Ling’s Affilojetpack 2.0 to kickstart your affiliate commissions, once you are up and running you will be very pleased with the profits you will continue to make.

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