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This article will provide an honest Affilojetpack 2.0 review (2015); this is a system that makes it amazingly easy to own affiliate websites. However, I feel I should share with you a very interesting story first. This is the story of Mark Ling he created of this program. I will also be telling you about where h got his inspiration to launch a new version of this awesome program.

Made Money Online Then Lost It

Mark Ling got interested in affiliate marketing while he was still in college. By the end of the first year, Mark was already making $3k a week. He thought he had it made.

However, a friend of his came up with a bright idea. He was convinced to include a newsletter that his visitors could automatically choose to subscribe. It was not cheap to do so and the entire process cost a small fortune. However, it paid off amazingly, he earnings sharply increased.

Unfortunately, one day his investment tanked; Google was not impressed by his antics and they banded the website. He watched in horror as his entire investment nose-dived.

He Picked Himself Up Again

mark ling affilojetpack reviewMark was at the lowest point in his life. He just could not see a way out of this predicament. However, against all odds Mark decided to give it another shot.

This time he would utilize a slightly different approach. He would capitalize on his e-mail marketing list. The results were astounding.

As of now, Mark owns a super affiliate business worth seven figures. He can live his life as he pleases and gets to tour the world as often as he likes. After the soaring success of his first version,

Mark decided to work on launching a second version of Affilojetpack. It is currently on a limited offer, where the first few customers are awarded a 25% bonus. However, this offer will not last long, hurry while it still stands.

Does The Idea Of Making A Money-Magnet Website Confuse You?

The problem with most marketers that use affiliate marketing is the lack of an autoresponder series. These affiliate marketers tend to put all their hope in visitors ad clicks who then buy what they have to offer.

Mark already discovered the secret in affiliate marketing. All the real money through email marketing. This is the main purpose of his system; it simplifies the process of making money online.

affilojetpack reviewI can’t believe how easy it is. Once a member you will get to choose 5 out of the 18 niche jetpacks. The five jetpacks are each a complete website kit. You will also be taught exactly how to use each jetpack to the fullest.

With each jetpack, you are offered: graphics, 100 emails, a custom-made Affilotheme, article research packs, one year of free webhosting for a single site and three ebooks that you can use to bait subscribers.

In addition, the membership comes with access to Mark’s own website building software. The software makes it so easy that you literally only have to click the mouse a few times and your website is live. It will even install his custom WordPress theme (Affilotheme) for you.

If you choose to start a one month trial of Fluttermail, it will automatically upload the year worth of emails that come with each pack. It even includes your affiliate links so you can get making those commissions.

Do You Find Content Writing Boring But Think Outsourcing Cost Too Much?

Trying to create graphics, research 20 articles, create sixty-page ebooks for baiting subscribers, a hundred emails would take ages. The entire process would take over a month to complete, all that for just a single website.

Trying to outsource the task for five websites would simply not make economic sense. Mark really cuts down the cost and time this would all take. If you need a website, all you have to do is use one of the five jetpacks provided.

Do You Think It Will Take Too Much Time To Create A Website?

Not only does it take a long time to create a website, but getting all of the content together takes so long I usually give up.(original sentence) This is the beauty of Affilojetpack; you can have a website up and running in just a few hours.

Using their site builder and the automated easy to use email newsletter too, I was able to make five money-magnet websites within two days. I bet anyone can do it too.

However, it is important to note this. When you become a member, it includes a years worth of free webhosting for one site. The offer does not include a domain name.

This will set you back a mere $10 to $11, that’s the only other cost that you will incur. It literally comes with everything else you need to make affiliate websites that make money online.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

Affilojetpack comes highly recommended by me but only if you are going to take action with what you get. If you aren’t willing to follow a few simple steps you are going to just end up wasting your money. Consider this an investment into you and your future.

If you purchase it now you can get it at half the regular price. If you know how to copy and paste you will be able to set up your first website with ease and you can have all 5 websites up in a matter of days.

Affilojetpack Bonus

A good Affilojetpack bonus is hard to come by but if you do a little bit of research before you buy you will be able to tell the good ones from the bad. I personally like the product reviews and bonuses that offer value to me, not plugins that I will never use and don’t offer any support or updates. If you are interested in making money online through affiliate marketing with a website then you should buy this.

Affilojetpack Video [Live Demo Of 2.0]

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